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Katherine Holitik Photography

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Memphis, TN.


My name is Katherine Holitik and I'm a portrait and street photographer. Ever since I got my first disposable camera, I've been taking pictures of everything that caught my eye – people, places, and all sorts of things. What started as a hobby became a passion, which is what brought me here. I'm looking to build on my skills as a photographer, whether it be through capturing an event or an individual shoot. I love photography because it allows me to capture my memories and hold onto the feelings that came with them, and I look forward to opportunities where I can immortalize others' lives as well. I worked on the Central High Pix's staff my senior year of high school and won honorable mention for one of my photos at ASPA. I've taken photos for numerous charity events, such as Flaxxman Family's Freaky Fright Night Charity Event for the Arkansas Autism Foundation and A Night To Remember special needs' prom. I was awarded first place in Savannah College of Art & Design's annual applicant competition in the transfer category.


Katherine Holitik

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